Vucic: A hole bigger than anything else that Citadins’croient ‘

The urban transport company “is a bigger hole than any public company in Serbia,” said President Aleksandar Vucic. Source: Tanjug Sunday, 30.12.2018. 08:09 Tweet photo sharing: Think of the criticism that is better than money instead of lighting, in the second network, is mainly done in the treatment of children, Vucic said that the current power had invested 6.5 times life in the treatment of children.
He also pointed out that there is a problem with the SPG in Belgrade, and he pointed out that the city’s transportation company is “A bigger hole than any public company in Serbia, ” because it’s almost everything to Dabu, which is, as he said, many of those who behave that don’t pay for Their tickets, not if when they go abroad.
It was now highlighted by Studio B, which is waiting for an agreement to join the construction of the Metro, so that when you build the first line and interconnected metro and bus lines, there will be a more serious collection of maps.
It expects that the average wage is 700-750 euros, and the regulation improves.