Vucic in aps

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who was invited to study B, also spoke about culture in Belgrade, New Year lights and GSP. Source: Tanjug 53 Tweet Share Photo: Tanjug/Rade. Lee JO: Vučić on the dialogue between the protest that is needed, but I lost confidence in the press “Vucic discovered what he would discuss with Putin about allegations that the city government was in Belgrade in recent years. The Unitiln culture in Belgrade, President Aleksandar Vucic explained that in time “When we had the mayor the richest in the world, ” The place of culture was 750 million, with a significant deficit, while nowadays in the culture of the city , 1.1 billion, with three or four times without deficit.
As Kae said, he made the city a new year with lighting to attract tourists, come, fill hotels and spend money here “, and some punks cut the fuses, and someone taught them to cut so they don’t notice canning. “” The entire policy of “single family homes ” is disastrous, said the president, speaks by Studio B. Critical that it is better if the way money is invested instead of lighting is invested in the second network, mainly in the treatment of children , Vucic says the current power 6.5 times the treatment of children invested.
He also pointed out that there is a problem with the SPG in Belgrade, and he pointed out that the city’s transportation company is “A bigger hole than any public company in Serbia, ” because it’s almost everything to Dabu, which is, as he said, many of those who behave that don’t pay for Their tickets, not if when they go abroad.
You have now observed, that you are waiting for an agreement to join the construction of the subway, so that when you build the first line and the lines of metro and bus connected, a more serious collection of cards will begin.
It expects that the average wage is 700-750 euros, and the regulation improves.
He is happy, said Kae, with the results of the current Belgrade authorities, Mayor Zoran Radojičic and his deputy Goran Veyic.