Vucic again in the protests: not the people in the Blind-B92

The Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, condemned it, it was the other media that faced opposition attacks for telling the truth about the number of participants in the protest. 14:41 photos of the Tweet action: Tanjug/Dimitriia Goll Read JO: “If they remove borders in March, they will withdraw the tax” Vucic on the protests on how to comment on it, some NGOs conclude “false information on the question of the question of a protest of The participants in Belgrade, and by extension in other media, when anguish is much less involved in the situation of being Lynx, “Vucic says that ” The BA of people, why they say it was not a favor to those who claim their truth. That everyone says they want, and not the bad guys, sees everything and understands it. I have absolutely nothing against everyone saying that it is their will and their hope. The only thing is that MOE has a precise way of talking about how many are in protest, but that does not respond to some. But I don’t think it’s supposed to, “he said.
It comes to the urn when people vote for programs and plans.
“If they want elections-they have elections, otherwise, and that’s a good thing, it means the other and the protests and it will always work ” said Vucic.
If you are asked if you should comment, Vuk Jermique says that “He speaks irrationally because he has a visibly orderly health ,” Vucic said shortly thereafter, to thank him for that.
“The visibly narcissistic health, which best says about the morale of the man who said it. People speak better of themselves, but characterize others, “he concludes.
Vucic has condemned the threats to anyone for this reason, saying that he was fighting for the democracy of Serbia, not Serbia, in which “He will take someone to visit. ”
He asked the reporter how he sees the emerging atmosphere in the streets lately, including the suppression of some program programs, the inclusion of journalists, Vucic returned to the Counterquestion: A journalist detained, who, the threatened (Vladimir) Djukanovic you going to turn it on? You think it’s a good speech, you think it’s okay? If it’s a democracy, that’s it, that’s what you are. A faitien.
He added that a journalist who wrote it on Twitter had presented himself not as a journalist, but under a name of Lanna because, he said, “made the heroes in Serbia “.
Vucic said the most probably condemned network, and that he was the police owner to do his job because, he said, no one in Serbia will be “Spinning the line “.
Like the CAE, all those who threatened Tanja Vojtehwski and everyone else, especially those who criticized power, were not, and those who threatened Barbara Ksvettic were not, adding that they do not know, and that there is probably a reason.
“and to make a move in Serbia, it is not Serbia that I represent, in Serbia, that I lead, no one is going to turn the line or disorder around what a rich act it is ” said Vucic.
According to him, Serbia will never succeed, but Serbia, the decent, responsible, who loves this country.
Interrogated by reporters when exactly the opposition qualified the vote, he said: “Well, I offer you. I think when they are so powerful and snowy, it is the natural demand of the opposition that wants elections, I do not think there should be another place where people tell their ideas, programs, plans… “said Vucic.
The Patil is happy on New Year’s Day, he said, next year I would have heard it.
“I would like to hear the arguments that these Djilas Tykuni, Jermique and others have provided you with 5.5%, not less than 3.1 but when I hear that reasoning that nous’il comes on and then I am all Jano and what are the arguments and how are the , representing ‘ said he.