Vehicle seized “No driver’s license for taxi “

The community police and the Belgrade Transport Inspectorate were temporarily confiscated by the vehicles “Ford Escort ” and “Golf 4 ” During an emergency check of the taxi vehicles last night. Source: Tanjug Sunday, 30.12.2018. 08:36 Share photos Tweet: Thinkstock As I said, they were ruled by people without permission to drive taxi traffic.
During verification, the vehicle “Golf 4 ” was taken in the unauthorized area for taxi rides in the city of Belgrade. It had already been revealed that it was temporarily beaten and the vehicle “Ford Escort “, to be flown by the Prosecutor of Belgrade, without the driver’s license to be driven to the area of the city. It was determined that the Prosecutor had authorized TAXS’s services in the regions of OPTIX Apatin, and that he had no right to do this service in the city of Belgrade.
The municipal police and the city of Belgrade’s traffic inspections have already taken an illegal taxi vehicle during the day. During the last five months, traffic police and traffic inspections have excluded the transport of 160 drivers from Wildcab, with nine cars being taken permanently.
Public services and traffic inspections in the coming days will further increase control of taxi drivers, so wild taxi drivers and those who do not have the license to perform a taxi service in the city are excluded

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