Usher divorce Files of estranged Femme Grace Miguel

Exclusive Details Usher has officially filed the divorce of his independent wife, Grace Miguel, who shared publicly to share earlier this year.
The singer “Let It Burn ” presented a documentary in Atlanta on Friday to call It “quit.” The movement is far from surprising… He was back in March on the heels of several accusations and lawsuits alleging the spread of the herpes Usher couple announced that things were over.
The doctor gives on December 24, 2017, as the date of separation of the couple. They also say that both have reached a confidential agreement… So everything is done and waiting for a judge to retire.
In a joint statement, Usher and Grace said: “Some reflections and considerations that we have decided to be part of the media as a couple.” We continue to be deeply connected, loving friends who will continue to support each other in the next stages of our lives. The two met in 2015 and had no children together.

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