Trump: Could be forced to seal the southern border, interrupt aid to Central America 41NBC News | WMGT-DT

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Subscribe on December 28, 2018/1:05: GMT/Updated 2:47 pm GMT by Jane C. TIMM President Donald Trump has threatened Friday to close the country’s southern border if Congress does not fund its border wall. “We built the wall or “, Trump wrote in a series of tweets. … “near the southern border. ” Mick Mulvaney, the incoming White House chief of staff, said Friday to the reporter that the president was “absolutely” ready to close the southern border, despite the enormous cost to the country. “All options are on the table ,” said Mulvaney. “Listen, this is the only way to draw the attention of the Democrats.” Trump also said he will stop helping in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, where violence and crime motivated thousands of people to flee and seek asylum in the United States. He also said that another migratory caravan is headed towards the American Dépothalter in the direction of December 28, 2018. Trump had refused last week to sign a short-term financing bill that would have led to the fight against spending in February, insisting that Congress allocate billions of dollars to the border wall. In a second Tweet, the president said that the construction of the wall would be a “winnable thaw “. The president also complained that Mexico is stealing American jobs and undermining the auto industry, saying that countries had “benefited America for years” by force in Central America. The San Diego Union Tribune reported on Thursday that another caravan of migrants from Honduras was forming, with up to 15 000 migrants subjected to the long asylum procedure, which led to the delay of asylum seekers currently in Tijuana, Mexico. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told CBS on Friday that the president is willing to negotiate the amount of border financing that Congress gives him. “I’m not going to negotiate in the press, but the president was willing to negotiate on this,” he said. And the Democrats didn’t want to do anything. And that’s the sad part, they’re more concerned about keeping our borders open than keeping our government open. “On Fox News, Mulvaney said the administration had already offered the Democrats a figure of” less than $5 billion in the negotiations, but the Democrats stick to their $1.3 billion offer of financing at the border. We were forced to close the southern border completely if the obstruction Democrats did not give us the money to put an end to the wall and also change the ridiculous immigration laws of our country is fed up. It is hard to believe that there is a Congress and a president who agrees!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 28, 2018… The US loses so much money in trade with Mexico under NAFTA, more than $75 billion a year (excluding drug money that would be much more often) than it would consider closing the southern border a “gain operation.” We built a wall or… — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on December 28, 2018, the Democrats took the leadership of the House of Representatives and telegraphed little interest in billions of expenses to help the president, a promise election of Signatures. Trump has declared victory alternately, criticizing the democratic obstruction on the border wall and repeatedly affirming that it will be built (though fencing is actually replaced and redone) and that Democrats are just trying to do it in their Opposition to spending billions to build a border wall. Trump claims that his national security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, is going to the border on Friday after two children have died in custody in the United States. Jane C. Timm Jane C. Timm is a political reporter and Fact Checker for NBC News. Share