Tomić: In the PSU are not even a bit, are always the favorites

The park Coach Red Star Milan Tomic said he was happy with the victory at the league’s ABA Derby against the future. SOURCE PT: B92 week, 30.12.2018. 22:10 Tweet share Photo: STARSPORT “Congratulations to the players in their victory, they died on the ground, they changed the results around. From the future of the valley to more than eight, we played an exceptional defense and started the counter attacks. I think this game for all the fans was nice and Koarke class on both sides because tonight they played two teams, the future of the Euroligai team with a lot of NBA players, and a red star with a lot of experienced players , but also young as well, is Boria Simanic, said Tomic after the game.
The star won the future with 86:72 in the 13th century. The ABA league and the only unbeaten in the regional competition. The future Ampional is placed in the third place of the table.
Asked if he still thinks the future is the favorite, Tomic rejected the question: “How the future is not the favorite. ” Look who’s playing for this team. I’m not going to let myself lie down. They did not Dexon, the car that won the NBA championships, Clark-NBA, Omić-Euroleague, the Bitadze NBA in the future. I still think they’re favorites and “he said.
The star drove part time, but the future in the sequel made a great series and turned around, and Tomic said the key to the victory was “It’s the team that has calmed down “.
The Euroligaki teams are waiting for us in the 16 best EuroCups. I hope this atmosphere in the Eurocup, this victory will continue to help us in the Top 16. It’s like we stop the game in the third quarter, and the crowd helped us. Look at the European Cobra and how much difference you can turn in a few minutes. What if it’s 4, 8 or 18 different points? Fortunately, we calm down and we win, “he said.