Stephen Miller steigt in “Zombie ” Casa Blanca Presseck

WASHINGTON – In recent weeks, the White House has been shaken by a current government shutdown, trumpet markets, and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’s abrupt departure. With some allies left at the White House and a cluttered press office, President Trump has become more and more Stephen Miller, a key architect of his difficult immigration policies, to see the audience become the face of his government. Miller had been behind the scenes a lot over the past year, but earlier this month he crossed the spotlight for a rare pair of television appearances that left Trump’s allies with concerns about the state of the communication action of CAs To Blanca. Three of them shared their views with the Yahoo news.
On December 16, Miller turned to the CBS “Face the Nation ” and claimed that Trump was “absolutely” ready to close the government if his $5 billion request to fund a border wall was not fulfilled. Four days later, Miller got into a screaming game with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer while advocating for the wall. These performances resulted in shock reactions due to the high volume, extreme positions and combative tones of Miller.
The altercation could have been predicted. Similarly, Miller raised his eyebrows the last time he was burned through the media landscape in 2017 and was seldom seen in public afterwards.
Trump’s dependency on Miller comes as the White House press operations have been lulleded by reports of imminent high-profile deportations. These rumors came when the president’s spokesman came out of sight as the weeks went by without files. Since December 19, Trump’s communications team has not even fulfilled its most basic task: Distributing tips detailing the president’s public calendar.
The White House has not responded to multiple requests for Yahoo news about the lack of information sessions, orientation and growth of Miller’s public profile. The former members of the Trump administration were much more on the way, though they asked for anonymity to openly explain their concerns.
Several former officials who spoke with Yahoo News said Miller restated that the public face of the White House was a public relations catastrophe.
“If you’re a comms person, you don’t want it out, because every time it comes out, it’s an absolute disaster ” said a former Western winger Yahoo News.
Another former White House official echoed this sentiment.
“Miller is so horrible on TV, it’s counterproductive to put him out of it ” said the former official.
Trump Stephen Miller’s counselor. (Photo: Leah Millis/Reuters) In addition, a former member of Trump’s transition team told Yahoo News that they believed Miller was coming to the front because other officials were not pushed by difficult immigration policies that Miller pushed the president to adopt.
While Trump launched his presidential campaign with blistering attacks on illegal immigration, Miller was the mastermind who devised strategies to attack migrants. It was an important force pushing for Trump’s travel ban, targeting some Muslim-majority countries, and separating migrant children from their parents at the border.
“Nobody wants to defend Stephen’s positions, so they’re getting there,” said the former transition team. “Stephen in the background tells everyone, ” Maximum pressure, max pressure “and say these things are doables. Anyone who has worked in politics is like, “It can’t work, go defend yourself.” Miller did not respond to several requests from Yahoo news about the concerns surrounding his public appearances.
Even before Miller assumed the initiative to ask for foreclosure in the financing of border factories, many of the strategies most closely associated with him were lightning rods. The so-called ban on travel by Muslims and child-separation policies have generated widespread protests and legal challenges.
The former member of Trump’s transition team said that Miller managed to survive in spite of these “strategic flaws” because his ideas appealed to the president.