Stefanović: Drava guarantees the safety of the witnesses

Police Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said the Serbian drama guaranteed the security of witnesses in all judicial matters. Source: Beta 22:50 share Tweet Photo: Tanjug/Filip Krainčanic added that this will also be the case of a representative of the Serbian Radical Party, the believer and Petar Jojic.
“All witnesses in the criminal proceedings in the United States are the most improperly seen and I see no reason to do so with witnesses in this procedure ” said Stefanovic the news on Saturday.
The criminal court mechanism has recently ruled on Albie Tuilatva’s ruling to allow Serbia to be judged in this proceeding, ruling that it was necessary before the final decision to plead for the security of the witness.
The Tulatvo is one of the arguments against the presentation of the case that the witnesses of the Serbian judiciary speak to them about seven years ago.
Stefanovic noted that Serbia has always been guaranteed so far and that there has never been a problem.
So far they wanted to guarantee in The Hague whether someone would grant parole or an approval of the years 70 that the court would be dismissed in the event of a new commencement of the court. Or can we guarantee your safety while you’re on fire , “he explained;
Rade and Jojic were accused in The Hague of offering bribes to the post against Vojislav Eide and threatening two witnesses.
The President of the Hague Mechanism, Theodor Meron, ruled a few days ago that Chinese judge Lee Dqun would make a final decision as to whether they will be judged in Holland or Serbia.