Ronaldo heads to Dubai for global Sooker Award

The striker of Juventus Crignano Ronaldo confirmed that he will be performing in Dubai for the award ceremony “Global Adesh ” for the player of the year. Z.K. Source: B92 13:10-o 13:31 photo Tweet sharing by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images Krignano will be one of the leading candidates for the flattering title, and its competitors are French, Kiyan méyg of Pari Saint Ermelo and Antoine Griberman, athlete Athletic athlete Athlete athlete athletes.
Portuguese has been recognized five times and FIFA President Gianni Iglesias, French coach Didier Dean, and Brazil’s soft drinks team, Ronaldo and Ronaldinyo, will come to Dubai.
The “Global sooker ” award has been awarded for the tenth time. The interesting thing is that Ronaldo is not shown for a FIFA edition and the awards of the football magazine of France.
The two awards were won by Christian soft drinks Club colleague, football International Réala Luka Modrica.
When it comes to Ronald, it must also be said that he was declared player of the year in an investigation of the Italian sports newspaper Tutosport. #Roma #Tuttosport #Inter #Milan #Napoli