Robo: Mark richt Retraite in Miami

Mark Richt is no longer a head coach in Miami. (Photo: Andrew Ivins, 247Sports)
InsideTheU and 247Sports learned through multiple sources that Richt informed school officials on Sunday that he wants to deviate from the program and retire.
UM shortly after confirmed the news for a statement on Richt.
Dear Hurricane Family: A few hours ago, I informed the athletic Director of Blake James that it is time for me to retire from coaching, so I Jubilo as head coach of the UM football. The decision came after many considerations, conversations with my family and prayer. It was my decision.
The University of Miami has been a part of my life for more than three decades. He formed me as a young man and gave me a chance to lead a life. My love for the U is just great. My real wish is that our football program will return to greatness and that I am terribly difficult, I think the resignation is in the best interest of the program.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to the entire Hurricane family for welcoming me home and supporting exceptional youth in our program. I just wish we could get more in return. I would also like to thank President Frenk and Blake for their incredible support, as well as outstanding men and women in athletics UM. Above all, I would like to thank the amazing coaches, the staff and their families who gave them everything for the U every day and our student athletes who proudly wore the U-shirt and worked hard for graduation.
Katharyn and I applaud in the canes for years to come and we’ll never abandon our hearts.
It is sincere that Mark Richt gives Miami a disappointing 7-6 season, underlined by a shameful loss of 35-3 in Wisconsin in the bowl of PinStripe. Hurricanes started the season in the Top-10 many surveys preconsciously, but they never seemed to get things offensively despite one of the best defenses in the country.
InsideTheU and 247Sports also received a message from the judge to their players.
Men: I just reported to athletic Director Blake James that he was going down as his head coach. I wish I could inform you personally, but with everyone who has divided all over the country for recreation, the text is the fastest way for you to learn from my decision and I want you to hear it first. Coaching has been the honor of a lifetime and I am very grateful for his passion and dedication to excellence. I’m sure you’ll find an excellent head coach to direct your advancement. Enjoy the new year and your free time.
Richt was 26-13 in three years to his Alma Mater and after 145-51 in 15 years in Georgia. He directed the Canes on a 10-3 Mark and the Orange Bowl Pier last season after a first campaign of 9-4 in his first season in Coral Gables.
More details to follow.