Ranieri Beaudry Mitrovic: Advancing, there will be goals

Maneder Fulama Claudio Ranieri has full confidence in the Serbian national team Aleksandar Mitrovic. Z.K. 14:35-o 22:45 Tweet Split photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images Bivi players Partizan, Anderlete and Newcastle scored seven dolls in the Premier League, but did not dare to get the news involved in the meeting with Wolverhampton (0:0). He had gone out a little, had several times before, but trained the team with Craven Cotida who was happy with Mitrrovic and should not worry.
“Mitro played very well. He was lucky to score, but this is the life of the aggressor. He’s always ready to be a disgrace. He’s on the team, closing the field, always ready to go to the counter, “said Ranieri.
Mitrovic struggle that has not scored in recent meetings. Against Hadersfield, the duty is finally to shake the net. “We must be positive for the network to be good. Hadersfield’s game is crucial for us if we can afford it. We need three points, we must win, the Italian expert felt.