PS Eli Paredes, Zenit milk from the “Odree bag “

The Argentine footballer Leandro Paredes could cross the zenith in Saint-Ermelo if the French club demanded the demands of the squadron of St. Petersburg. In 16:17-> 23:00 Tweet share photo of Epsilon/Getty images as they use the French media, Zenit for Eli Paredes at least 44 million euros.
Paredes is one of the best, if not the best, Zenita of the season and scored four goals to date and had four assists on 22 Hits.
Zenit less-life depends on the Argentine rank and, with the Club not in a difficult financial situation and not having to sell the player in January, Parisian has put in an ungrateful position with an important compensation code.
PS is not the only team interested in the Paregdes and, as people say, the Russians have already rejected an offer of 300m euros that was far from what they assume.