Is the flight delayed? Do you know your compensation rights? Wiring

It’s this time of year. Yes, it will feel good to be home, to cool, to fill, to fall asleep on the couch. But uncle, it’s going to be horrible. This is because 24 million people will be traveling on American Airlines during the Thanksgiving period (6 percent last year), according to the TSA. This […]

The interview of Tramp and Erdogan that changed everything in Syria

When US president Donald Trump called the Turkish counterpart Redepa Erdogan, he asked if they could «get rid of» identification if the United States withdrew its army. Source: Tanjug 23:04 share Tweet Photo: Tanjug/AP The agency says the conversation is 14. It must be routine, «standard warning » to Erdogan in his plan to invade […]

People tear over if Grover dropped the F bomb on Sesame Street | HuffPost

Entertainment 12/28/2018 04:28 PM and people break if Grover left the bomb F sur’Sesame Street’un clip that surrounds online has some debates about the words coming out of the mouth of the beloved doll. by Elyse Wanshel Slaven Vlasic through Getty images Grover: potentially daily mouth-to-mouth. Get ready, people: Yanny vs Laurel 2.0 maybe in […]

The word law changes in 2019 includes new rules for advancing cyclists

The changes made to the word rules introduced during the 2018 affect the way we drive on the road and how we keep our vehicles. Drivers are responsible for keeping up with the law and changing the road traffic law. And as technology is constantly advancing, the rules for cars and road transport have to […]

UK spends £108 on ferries out-BBC News

These are external links and will be in a new window close the Brexit image of the sharing panel Copyright AFP The United Kingdom emits more than 100 m of additional ferries to facilitate «severe congestion» in Dover, in case of non-Brexit treatment. In recent months, additional ferry contracts have been awarded to French, Dutch […]

Vienna is considered the most livable city in the world

Vienna is considered the most livable city in the world August 14th, 2018 these are external links and are presented in a new window close the Image Exchange panel Copyright Gunbicht Getty Images The Austrian capital, Vienna, whipped Melbourne Australia to The most livable city in the world. This is the first time that a […]

Case of court in Russia holiday case Troll relates to selfie nude CNNPolitics

CNN A Russian company said Thursday to a federal court that believes that among the terabytes of data collected by the investigation of Special defender Robert Mueller is a naked selfie. The management and restoration of Concord without giving details of the people represented in the Nu selfie raises the question of whether there could […]

Stefanović: Drava guarantees the safety of the witnesses

Police Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said the Serbian drama guaranteed the security of witnesses in all judicial matters. Source: Beta 22:50 share Tweet Photo: Tanjug/Filip Krainčanic added that this will also be the case of a representative of the Serbian Radical Party, the believer and Petar Jojic. «All witnesses in the criminal proceedings in the United […]