¿Por qué Orban se avergüenza del símbolo del levantamiento Húngaro?

Un monumento a Imrea, el primer Húngaro, que es 1956. Atrévase a desafiar a Moscú y al que recibió un disparo, fue retirado de la plaza junto al Parlamento en Budapest. Fuente: Deutsche Welle 17:09 Tweet Division por EPA-EFE/Florian Wieser parece que Orban no está enojado con la cabeza del Kremlin Pío “Deutsche Welle”. Imre […]

Tomić: In the PSU are not even a bit, are always the favorites

The park Coach Red Star Milan Tomic said he was happy with the victory at the league’s ABA Derby against the future. SOURCE PT: B92 week, 30.12.2018. 22:10 Tweet share Photo: STARSPORT “Congratulations to the players in their victory, they died on the ground, they changed the results around. From the future of the valley […]

Rough night in BG: Terrace case Smtonosan, injury, accident

Belgrade last night in Belgrade, a Mukarac was wounded by the fire, a person fell from the deck of death, and a traffic accident, a fountain, had been postponed: Tanjug 9:44 Tweet Share screenshot Ambulance received a call tonight at 01.53 to Cause E of a fall of the terrace in the street Yuri Gagarin […]

The best for the end: Djokovic to the title as in the most glorious days of the video

1480/5000 Novak Djokovic won the Mubadal exhibition tournament and has shown above all that he is ready for next season. LN Source: B92 Saturday, 29.12.2018. 20:30-> 22:21 share photo Tweet by Francois Nell/Getty images * Novak: I’m a little exhausted, I didn’t expect this * a clear message before the season-Djokovic “Maina ” Again!In almost […]

Tasovac injured, transported to emergency room

Belgrade, the director of the Belgrade Philharmonic, Ivan Tasovac, 52, was injured during his leisure game at Koski at the Slodes Sports Center in Rakovica. Source: Tanjug 20:24 Tweet share screenshot as they say Tasovac was transported to the emergency room where he was noticed by a body of bodily harm, a fracture of the […]

Ronaldo heads to Dubai for global Sooker Award

The striker of Juventus Crignano Ronaldo confirmed that he will be performing in Dubai for the award ceremony “Global Adesh ” for the player of the year. Z.K. Source: B92 13:10-o 13:31 photo Tweet sharing by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images Krignano will be one of the leading candidates for the flattering title, and its competitors […]

Kramp Karenbauer more popular than Merkel

BERLIN–The new leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Anegret Kramp-Karenbauer in 2019. The year is more popular than German chancellor Angela Merkel. 42 Tweet Divide shares the actions of EFE/Focke Strangmann of the EPO, which showed a public opinion poll conducted by the Institute “Emnid ” for the weekly “Bild am Sontag “. The […]

Vucic again in the protests: not the people in the Blind-B92

The Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, condemned it, it was the other media that faced opposition attacks for telling the truth about the number of participants in the protest. 14:41 photos of the Tweet action: Tanjug/Dimitriia Goll Read JO: “If they remove borders in March, they will withdraw the tax” Vucic on the protests on how […]

Afroman wanted to come to Newfoundland, but he grew up

Afroman has a simple reason, if expected, to cancel a New Year’s Eve appearance at Corner Brook, NL, three days before the performance. “I wanted to check the Canadian air fare, but I grew up,” he sang on Saturday in a video he posted on Facebook. The artist based in Los Angeles, who got a […]

“showed the true, Albanian great nature of Reima in the Pritina “

The statement by the Prime Minister of Kosovo, RAA Haradinaj, and the representative of the Republic of Albania on the abolition of border crossings show the true and generous nature of the river at the post office. Source: Tanjug 09:30 Tweet partition Photo: Tanjug/Dimitrija Goll, the director of the Serbian office of Kosovo and Metohija […]