Okada cancels the ball fall event in the midst of public criticism

Okada announces BLOB Balloon event amidst public criticism ABS-CBN News on December 30 2018 08:28 A.M. | Updated since December 30, 2018 09:05 Facebook share manila-Okada Manila has cancelled plans to deposit 130 000 balloons to accommodate the new year in the midst of public criticism that this would cause environmental problems, the operator from Casino Resort said On Sunday. JUST IN: Okada Manila announces the planned balloon break in Manila Cove for New Year celebrations after receiving the criticism of the potential environmental impact; The countdown and other celebrations will be made in the Pic.twitter.com/qHDLW1oGUE calendar — Ron Lopez (@RonLopezPH) December 30, 2018 the Casino site “La Ensenada Manila ” had already said that it would lower the balloons as part of its New Year celebration. Eve celebrations, and must land the event in the Guinness Book of Records.
However, social media users criticized the expected fall of the globe, which said it would cause environmental problems and generate a large amount of waste.
The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources also requested Okada Manila to cancel the event.
In a statement, Okada Manila stated that he voluntarily decided to cancel the “ball drop event” as a mark of respect for DENR’s recommendation and in support of the government’s campaign to protect and save the environment. ”
However, the Casino operator said that the fall of the balloon would not damage the environment, as the balloons were made of biodegradable latex materials and would be recycled later.
Despite the cancellation of the controversial event, Okada Manila cancelled his countdown for New Year’s Eve and all other celebrations at the Casino station would be anticipated as expected.