Rough night in BG: Terrace case Smtonosan, injury, accident

Belgrade last night in Belgrade, a Mukarac was wounded by the fire, a person fell from the deck of death, and a traffic accident, a fountain, had been postponed: Tanjug 9:44 Tweet Share screenshot Ambulance received a call tonight at 01.53 to Cause E of a fall of the terrace in the street Yuri Gagarin and the team could not determine the death.
At 7:31 hours, the street Cara DUANA in Zemun had said of the fire, the Mukarac (1955), which was transported to the emergency resuscitation in the emergency room.
In 00.55, at the corner of Ilinna and mother Angeline, there was a traffic accident in which a person was slightly injured.
An ambulance with 22 crews had a 112 last night, 18 of them in public.