Top 10 times: Death penalty will be arrested for rape of children

1.18 crude 2018 with 2019 in US, would be a good time to spend the year, which has gone through-a year many “Primistes “, “first time ” and the first eternity. With new beginnings and initiations in politics, business, Cinema, sport, science and other news-in India and around the world-choose our 18 exceptional moments. (Write us an email if you think we missed some important). January for the first time, 10 main guests decorate the day of the Republic of India, heads of state of the 10 ASEAN countries. February Twitter reports its first ever profitable quarter, after twelve years with $91 million in the fourth quarter. March for the first time in India, a political party (the NDA led by the BJP) obtains control in 21 of the 29 states of the country. Actor Gary Oldman and director Guillermo del Toro win their first Oscars for the darkest hours and the shape of the water. April Kim Jong un will be the first North Korean energy corridor to travel to South Korea. June, the video refereeing system is being used for the first time in a FIFA World Cup, during the French match against Australia in Kazan, Russia. Afghanistan is playing its first Test game against India in Bangalore. They lose by sleeves and 262 tracks. August Reliance Industries is the first Indian company to launch RS 8 lakh crore in the Swedish giant IKEA furniture market opens its first Indian store in HITEC City of Hyderabad. The first mission of the Earth to the sun, NASA’s solar Parker probe, is launched. With the appointment of Judge Indira berries as Supreme Court judge, India won three judges seated for the first time, breaking the price of oil in September for the first time in India’s history at 90 liters and playing RS 90.11 in Maharashtra is Parbhani. Sikkim becomes the first organic state of the world. November 2.0, the first film of India entirely filmed in 3d, released. Garima Arora, who runs the GAA restaurant in Bangkok, is named the first Indian chef in the Michelin Guide. Voters in Minnesota and Michigan elect the first Muslim women to serve in the American Congress-Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. December Miss Angela Ponce is the first female Transgéngénero to compete in the Global Miss Universe contest. The Indian Railways successfully attained the first global conversion of a diesel locomotive into an electric locomotive. 2. India delivers a $1.43 billion return ticket for a space cruiser 38 years after India piggy bank in what was then the USSR to send a pilot of the Test Squadron Lai of 35 years, the leader of the space flight as the first Indian aboard The Soyuz T-11, India will be three other ventilated astronauts in 2022, when the country celebrates 75 years of independence, at a cost of RS 10 000-India made the fourth country to Russia, the United States and China to send a human in space independently. What will be different this time? India won’t send the astronauts — it will send Gaganauts (yes, you read this right!), because the mission of space man is known as Gaganyaan. Let us hope that the three gaganauts will not conduct experiments on the effects of yoga on the body during microgravity, leading Sharma-instead they will test the medical devices in space, perform microbiological experiments, as well as Micro-gravitation experiments. Without learning Russian language-Sharma, and his record, now Air Commodore (RetD) Ravish Malhotra had to learn Russian as all instruments and his training instructions were in that language. Two unmanned space missions, one in 2020 and 2021, will take place before the inhabited flight begins in 2022. The crew would have a GSLV-MK III module, the heaviest ISRO missile capable of transporting loads of up to 4 tonnes in orbit in 16 minutes. Unlike Sharma, who had the opportunity to spend almost 8 days at the space station Salyut 7, Gaganyaan’s crew will spend 7 days in space without a game stopping at a space station. And so it will be: The IAF will be involved in the selection of the Gaganaut, with its agency, the Institute of Aerospace Medicine, in collaboration with the ISRO to select the three spaceships. As with most manned space missions, Gaganyaan will operate in orbit