“The Businkers in Serbia are looking for us, we must

To 2019. Serbian businessmen are waiting for other government measures to reduce taxes and wage contributions. Source: Tanjug 09:48 Tweet partition (Photo: Think stock) Expect the reintroduction of tax credits for the economy and regulatory change and strengthen the Drava’s ability to avoid being ill.
In addition to these measures, the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) Marko ČADA said to Tanjug that ENO will continue the introduction of dual training, but also to allow the economy easy access to “fresh money “.
“Drinkers have an introduction to the investment tax on capital assets that we have had in the past “. I think we can wait a 2019. The year reports this relief, at least in some segments, encouraging companies to invest, Ceada said.
The economy, in permanent dialogue with the Government, will insist on further reductions in progressive taxes and employee employment rates, so that the company’s income tax increases from 15% to 10%.
“The plan is expected to go from 63% to 46% in terms of taxes and benefit contributions “. We know this is not going to happen overnight, but we can make a good plan for this to happen over the next five years, said Ceada.
With regard to the abuse of the disease, the PKS will work with the Nadlengs to improve the legal regulation and working on how to consolidate the inspection service.
Ceada points out that of 56 companies that have received dramatic incentives in the last two years, 35 nationals, therefore, says the Kae, do not stand out for a thesis that foreign investors favored.
Sees this year as a success, with an assessment that the government and the Economic Dialogue works completely, is 2018. It facilitates the business and allows a significant investment.
This year alone, according to Serbia, is completed and began to make the life of 50 investment projects by foreign companies, the highest of which are German, Italian and Turkish.
“Around 40 new factories and new workouts will open, with 16 000 employees working, not small, and started or ordered the building to build on twelve production capacity ” says President PKs.