The best for the end: Djokovic to the title as in the most glorious days of the video

Novak Djokovic won the Mubadal exhibition tournament and has shown above all that he is ready for next season. LN Source: B92 Saturday, 29.12.2018. 20:30-> 22:21 share photo Tweet by Francois Nell/Getty images * Novak: I’m a little exhausted, I didn’t expect this * a clear message before the season-Djokovic “Maina ” Again!
In almost two and a half hours, Djokovic defeated Kevin Anderson and wrote the first trophy of the new season in the unofficial tournament.
The Serbian tennis player played well throughout the tournament, and it was in the final. We often saw big points where Anderson had a notable connection goal, but eventually Novak was better.
The point where Djokovic showed what is famous for was exposed to the baseball game, the fifth in the Abu Dhabi final.
Djokovic and Anderson were in the “Clinchu ” playing a very demanding point, physically that, and eventually was conquered by the first player in the world and became a Stroyer.
This point reminded Novak Sam of the best days when he absolutely dominated the tennis scene was a good opening for 2019. Year, because the Serbian is ready to start the year.
The first official game for Djokovic is scheduled for Doha, where he dances with the tennis player from Bosnia and Herzegovina Dagmir Dumhura in the first round. This match point only shows how good Novak Djokovic will be in 2019.