The word law changes in 2019 includes new rules for advancing cyclists

The changes made to the word rules introduced during the 2018 affect the way we drive on the road and how we keep our vehicles. Drivers are responsible for keeping up with the law and changing the road traffic law.
And as technology is constantly advancing, the rules for cars and road transport have to be adapted.
Last year there were changes in regulations and laws affecting tax drivers and students.
Here are the lot of changes, including the new freeway, the word and rules of the Welsh driver’s apprentice live and Grimsby cyclist live always was advisable to put too close to a cyclist for security reasons, but now he could find a Fined to be punished if only Hin jests at some distance as he passes.
After the amendments to the law in March, motorists could be fined not to leave enough space between a vehicle and a bicycle. If this is not the case, you can land on your license with a fine of £100 and three points.
Police forces across the country are encouraged to punish those who drive dangerously close to cyclists.
According to the road code, motorists must leave at least 1.5 m, i.e. a width of the vehicle door.
Changes include new motorways, the word and rules of The Apprentice driver (Photo: Istockphotos) More police, 24 years old, dies on the highways of the day tragedy car accident for years, it was the law that the new drivers Only freeways are allowed if you have already passed your route I have a test. However, they are now allowed to use them as part of a lesson if they are accompanied by an instructor with double checks in the car.
However, it is only optional, it is not compulsory for students to take lessons on them.
Smart Freeways The government is also considering fines of up to £100 for motorists who have been shut down on an intelligent highway.
These rails are indicated by red XS in automated on-road panels and are used in a blockage or accident to avoid additional incidents.
Any rider who ignores the signs in the future (to use a clear path) could face fines. The government must announce that criminals must face 100 fines and three points of their license.
It is thought that they will change the road cameras to identify the drivers who are violating these restrictions.
Rules of the word there are new categories of failures with cars that drivers should understand are: Hazar-direct risk for road safety or the environment. Results in an error. It could affect safety or the environment. Results in an error. Low adverse effect on safety, but should be repaired as soon as possible. The Counsure could have an effect on the future. Pass-Complies with current legal regulations. As technology consistently progresses, the rules have to be adapted to the fall of the game (Photo: PA) about the Liverpool police clash: First image of the man killed in the Christmas Day tragedy. A large number of new requirements will also be included in the word. These controls include: sub-inflatable brake fluid brake pad tires contaminated with warning lights and missing brake pads or recoil lights (for newer vehicles than September 2009) daylight (for vehicles Newer than 2018 March). Some things, however, will not change-the government has considered extending the wait for the first word of a three-to four-year-old vehicle but will now remain unchanged.
The diesel fleet tax rates on diesel cars increased from April 1 this year. This applies to the special tax on vehicles (VED), which is generally referred to as road taxes.
Instead of being set at £140 per year, the rates VED are now calculated on the basis of the car’s carbon dioxide emissions.
The biggest tax increase in the first year is £500, for cars that emit between 191 and 225g di