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Entertainment 12/28/2018 04:28 PM and people break if Grover left the bomb F sur’Sesame Street’un clip that surrounds online has some debates about the words coming out of the mouth of the beloved doll. by Elyse Wanshel Slaven Vlasic through Getty images Grover: potentially daily mouth-to-mouth. Get ready, people: Yanny vs Laurel 2.0 maybe in us.
A video of “Sesame Street” circulates online, a debate on whether the emblematic character of the child Grover says something perfectly acceptable or has fully embraced the show association with HBO.
The new Yanni C. Laurel? –Some people swear that Grover says, “This is a great idea f * * king. ” I’m one of those people and I can’t stop Laughing Durkin (@jiveDurkey) December 27, 2018 to some, it sounds like, “Yes, yes, it’s a damn good idea! ” * * Parental notice * * After several rounds a very accurate audition, now I’m sure Grover just dropped the pump “F “!
Tell me what you mean… @Local12 — Duane Pohlman (@DUANELOCAL12) on December 27, 2018. Other people hear a much more innocent exclamation, with Grover saying: “Yes, yes, that sounds like a great idea! “
He says, “Sounds like a great idea. ” — Dystroph (@Dystrophical) December 28, 2018 there are many casualties.
I heard Grover swear. Grover didn’t swear. I’m confused and I’ll need time with my thoughts while I try to understand this. Https:// — Rob Marmet (@RobMarmet) December 27, 2018 first listen: OMG What second hahaha listen: Ah, definitely “sounds like a third ” Listen: You know what, after all these years, if Grover wants to drop an F bomb, Then it’s well deserved. Https:// — Henrik Meng (@henrikmeng) December 27, 2018, I can’t believe the new “Yanny or Laurel? ” Grover just dumped the F-bomb on Sesame Street? In 2018, it cuts with this wire proximity.
— 2019 sera Bedder (@itgetsbedder) December 27, 2018 Redditor u/ruded published the clip on Thursday on the platform R/Funny subnet. According to the post, parents stumbled upon the “auditory illusion” through my daughter’s obsession with Elmo. U/Schrodert says you first heard the R-rated version, but we think the real line is, “Yes, yes, that sounds like a great idea. “
Huffington reached the Sesame Street to get the answer, but received no immediate response. We will update this message as soon as we receive the truth.
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