Kramp Karenbauer more popular than Merkel

BERLIN–The new leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Anegret Kramp-Karenbauer in 2019. The year is more popular than German chancellor Angela Merkel. 42 Tweet Divide shares the actions of EFE/Focke Strangmann of the EPO, which showed a public opinion poll conducted by the Institute “Emnid ” for the weekly “Bild am Sontag “.
The “Nida” scan showed that 45 percent of the 507 eligible voters, as included in the survey, wanted Kramp Karenbauer to play a leading role in the most positioned German politicians next year.
40 percent of these, on the other hand, were confiscated for Merkel. Earlier this month, Kramp-Karenbauer had won a close victory over the head of Friedrich Mercom’s supremacy in voting for the new leader of the CDU, and the exploration of “Nida ” showed that 33 percent of respondents gave that they can take in Load the MERC. To 2019 years.
A separate survey of the agency “Jugov ” revealed that 43% of respondents stated that Merkel would remain chancellor until the end of their 2021. Years, while 38 percent of them would like to leave the place before and 18 percent are undecided, Reuters quoted as saying.
Merkel, who was a chancellor for 13 years, announced in October that she was on her way to the party leader.