Klop: I’m not the smartest, but I’m not an idiot to celebrate JO’s start

Liverpool Manager Jørgen Klop has turned down stories about how his team is now the first to win the Premier League title. Z.K. la Fuente: B92 Domingo, 30.12.2018. 10:30 photo of Split tweet by Clive Brunskill/Getty images “Rojo ” are in Derby 20 car hit Arsenal in 5:1 and so, at least for the day, in the closest companion, the Toenham team for nine points.
Everything in the last ten days was in the script as if it had been written by Jørgen Clop. Manchester City lost two shots in a row, then Tottenham was defeated by Wolvos’s homeland. The German doesn’t want to talk about the title yet.
Well, now we have nine clear points, it may take seven days. Fashion, not even that. But on Sundays, the difference could be seven points. And when we lose in Manchester City, four. That’s how it works, says Klop.
He thinks the difference in winter can melt easily, like snow.
“I’m not the smartest, but I’m not an idiot. This difference makes no sense. It’s not the number of benefits it has, especially in December. And now, if we lose, you’re going to say, “They’re nervous.” The task of commenting is simple. I’d like to be in my place, but make the money I do now. We can’t play like this. We’re not going to do it, and we’re not going to do it, “he added.
He was chosen to defeat Tototoma almost several minutes before taking the field.
“Do you think we had the Urka, that the celebrations had already begun? ” It was just a smile in our locker room. Everyone mentions that on January 3rd and the end of the Etihadu to Manchester City. It’s a game and it’s not going to change the focus.
“Do you think the first time we left or told the players there, ” are number one and we are fourth “? We won, as usual. So, we’re not going to go there when we factor the difference in points, but to play the best football , “concluded the Clop.