Jokic: Murray told me “just give me the ball ” And I gave him the ball

Nikola Jokic and Damaj Murray were once again the central figures in the Denver Nuggets victory. Source: B92 09:27 Serbia, United States Tweet share Photo: YouTube screenshot/ESPN Nagetsi surpassed the odds of EndX with the result of 122:118 and strengthened in the first place in the west, in a game in which Jokic made 23 points for the network less than 38 minutes. , 7-8 penalties), with 8 jumps, 9 assists, 3 stolen bullets and one blockade.
This time, unlike the many games since the beginning of the season, the second most famous player, just behind Damal Murray, played Fantastic-46 points (16-24 of the game, 9-11 for three, 5-6 credits), took 6 balls and shared eight passes.
“It’s obvious that no one can stop it. He’s a great candidate. He said: “Give me the ball, I feel great tonight ” And I gave him the ball. He did the rest ‘ said Jokic.
The team of Mother Oshodin had a first hand of 20 differences, but they played and threatened the victory in Finia. “Who took a couple of times last year, so I hope they never go because when we do 25 we just want to finish the game.
The type of Sombor looked back on a variety of injuries on the team, and the fact that Pro players are constantly throwing little problems.
“To be honest, I think pain is part of the job. Not only when it comes to minor injuries, but the heavier net. I grew up believing that pain is part of the job and you just have to go in it “concluded Jokic.