National Indian jailed for harassing sleeping woman on Singapore Airlines flight

Photo inventory of Getty images. While sleeping in a window seat aboard a Singapore Airlines flight, a woman woke up to the feeling that someone was pushing her chest. He saw the hand of the man beside her in his breast. The 23-year-old man, Ravichandran Vignesh, indicated that he had pressed the woman’s chest while sleeping while he was “drunk and tall and trying to do it,” they showed the court papers. During the state courts on Thursday (October 18), the Indian citizen who pleaded guilty to a cause of the plague was sentenced to six months ‘ imprisonment. Ravichandran and the 31-year-old woman were on a flight from Bangalore, India to Bali, Indonesia with a transit stop in Singapore. It was the first time that Ravichandran, owner of an animal shop in India, had taken a flight. On 1 October this year, around 1 a.m., the woman embarked on the Singapore Airlines flight and sat in her assigned window seat. Ravichandran took his assigned seat next to the woman. During the flight, the woman had her meal at about 3.30 hours from Singapore before falling asleep after covering herself with a blanket. Around 4:00 a.m., the woman felt moved by someone and shook her right breast. He immediately woke up and saw Ravinchandra’s hand on his right breast. Shocked and shocked, the woman augrióed Ravinchandran, who took her hand and pretended to sleep. The woman requested a change of seat, and the cabin crew threw it to an empty seat in the back. The woman then sent comments on the incident through the SIA online form. He also sent an email to the Vicecomandante of the airport Police service. She filed the police report to the airport Police department around 10.58 a.m. the next day. Police arrested Ravichandran in transit through Singapore from Bali on October 4. The Deputy Prosecutor (DPP) Amanda Han said that Ravichandran committed the crime in a confined space where the victim had no place to escape. He also used some strength, he added. The DPP pressed for a six-month prison sentence. In terms of mitigation, Ravichandran, who was not represented, said by an interpreter that it was his first time in the race and that he had visited Bali. “I don’t know the laws of Singapore. I have not yet done that at home in India “said Ravichandran on Thursday, adding that it was from a poor family in India “. I’m not going to touch a woman anymore. I’m not going to travel abroad anymore. “I’m not going back to Singapore again ,” said Ravichandran, who campaigned to return to India and vowed not to act again. For the deal, Ravichandran may have been imprisoned for up to two years, sentenced to a fine or to a sharp edge, in whip or due to a combination of penalties. More Stories from Singapore