Governor of Maine considers the election of Congress “stolen” while certifying the outcome

Governor of Maine considers the congressional elections “stolen”, while the result CNN 11 hours ago by Jamie Ehrlich, CNN © Sarah Rice/Getty Gov. Paul LePage Certified The election results for the 2nd congressional district of Maine after a legal recount and battles they have dragged. The final result of the race for almost two months, cementing a Democratic victory.
But lePage a Republican fire mark made a final jab in the election certification, writing the words “stolen options ” next to his signature.
November’s parliamentary elections in Maine marked the first time in the history of the United States that the system of level choice determined the outcome of a race in Congress. The new state law assigns the leaderboard in each federal race in which no candidate gets the majority of the votes.
The Democrat representative Jared Golden was forecasted by CNN to be the winner of the elections in the second district of Maine with 50.6% of the votes, his opponent, Rep. Bruce Polyquin, received 49.4% of the votes.
Although Polyquin received more first-choice votes on election Day, he did not win most of the votes. As a result, the election began in subsequent rounds where voters only ejecuían the two candidates, and the two independent candidates were rejected from the ballot. Golden was found the greatest voice giver in the race.
As the outcome of the election became apparent, Polyquin, twice a member of Congress, demanded a recount based on the confusion that followed the district classification system and the lack of transparency with the computer software involved in the Voting used, rested. He also filed a complaint against Maine’s secretary of state, Matt Dunlap, at the Federal court in Bangor, Maine, challenged the constitutionality of the trial.
“We have heard countless voters in Maine who were confused and even fear that their voices will not count due to computerized presentation voices,” said Brendan Conley, spokesperson for the Polyquin campaign in November.
He finally withdrew his claim for recount after 50% of the ballots were counted and his legal challenge failed, even though his legal team to file an emergency motion and the first short call in Boston urged Maine to The Certified choice.
LePage posted on Twitter on Friday that he signed the Gold victory certification-51 days after the day of the vote. Golden will compete in the 1st Congress in January.