It was the column of the most popular monetary councils 2018 of MarketWatch

It was the most popular Moneyistic Council column of 2018.
Dear Moneyist, My father was repêté in 2001. He married his wife in 1971, when he was 14 years old. I have two blood brothers, and my stepmother had a daughter. They’re very close. My stepmother is now 91 and in the failure of health. My wife and I traveled 1 000 miles to stay with her during her recovery from pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease last week. We have always been good to each other and over the years my brothers and sisters have been very kind to her.
“I realized I was watching the looting of my father’s Hacienda, and all the money had been drained by my stepsister and her husband. ” Before my father passed, we had an open and clear discussion about his field. He had worked and invested and had more than $1 million in his estate, which he had clearly told me to divide in four ways after his wife’s death. It was also served by your company’s life insurance policy, and $600, 000 from your home sale in southern California.
During our visit, he offered to stay in his apartment. I went through the old photo albums and did some mobile phone camera trips from my kids. There wasn’t much, especially her daughter.
Don’t miss: These are the expensive summer camps where rich kids feel “normal.” One of the photo albums had financial records, and I quickly realized that I was seeing the looting of my father’s Hacienda-and all the money had been drained by my half sister and her husb. And.
I would like to say that I was surprised, but in reality it was almost a guarantor. My stepsister’s husband has been handicapped for 18 years. Every year his family takes at least two cruises. They drive new cars, and there was a lot of money for my stepsister to buy a business for her son.
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I did not see the will when my father died, but somehow he left it, so under certain circumstances, when his wife’s income fell to a certain level, they were able to access my father’s basic principle. In 2009, my stepsister and her husband took $750,000 in my stepmother’s insurance.
They lent $617, 000 of my father’s life insurance, and the value of redemption and euthanasia is now about $120,000, 000. They also wrote the trust of my stepmother and my half-sister by getting 75% of all distributions, and the other three children share the remaining 25% as well.
My half-brothers wrote me confidence and if my stepsister receives 75% of all the distributors and the other three children share the remaining 25%. My stepmother brought very little fortune to the wedding, only a small house in California, which was not worth much. He had No other major assets. Life insurance was paid in full at the time of the show, and the money had to come from my father’s inheritance. Even if we fight now, the money is gone for 9 years, and now that the stepmother is in bad health, we can see that, from our planned distribution of $250 of Dad’s inheritance, the children born in blood will be very happy, even $5, 000 after freedom with Dicional and taxes.
I am fortunate to have worked hard and invested well, that does not become a problem for my wife and me. My brother is in a pension in the state of California and he’s fine, but my sister and my husband are beaten hard by it. For 20 years, she has told that this property will finance her own retirement, and she won’t be there.
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Hopeless desperate love, these non-brothers are absolutely trying to deceive their inheritance.
If your father hasn’t left a Will, H