“The sensor went to three of us “, and they were looking for my video

The singer of Eppao Nataa Tasic Kneević has published on Facebook that a supermarket in Novi Sad had been publicly looking for suspicions that Neto had stolen. Source: Beta 09:07-o 11: Macedbased 35 tweet sharing illustration: Thinkstock She said in the video that she was buying from Indian Walnut in a supermarket near the station ULA Elznik, but it was not.
Despite the dating of two people at the same time, the staff does not detain him, the only Roma woman. “They were the only ones who wanted me to empty the whole bag, take all the Depova, my jacket, everything completely, and get out. The manager said they were still new and drink (sensor). I said, “If you told me I was taking everything out of my backpack and I didn’t have a Nita in my backpack except the notes, the books and the handbags, that’s how they were at the end, and they saw it-if you have these people coming after me not wasted. And they asked to come back and take it all, “said Tasic Kneević.
He added that the supermarket manager had apologized to her, but that some of our current clients had cast them out to be wanted, referring to their nationality.
Nataa Tasic Kneević is a soprano, soloist in the opera of the Serbian National Theatre of Novi Sad and 2012. The OSCE has stated that it is one of the most important Roma women in the world.
“Give Serbia apologizes sincerely, but because of the situation that took place through Natal Tasic Kneević,” Dele Serbia apologized to the opera singer Natai Tasic Kneević and assessed the situation in his supermodel. Novi Sad “is still an isolated example of an inappropriate individual response. ”
Delet Serbia apologizes sincerely, but because of the situation that has happened to Natai Tasic Kneević. We believe that this will still be an inappropriate example of a person’s inappropriate response and that similar situations won’t happen in the future “shared the company.
Delet explained that he was initiated with the worker; P the tabs of the internal management in the sensor and the processing of the clients.
“Give Serbia cultivates the values that promote inclusiveness and diversity, and with that we must once again express our commitment to the cause of the situation, we have been in contact immediately; With Mrs. Taft Kneević and she personally asked her to apologize for the inconvenience. “The ad read.