Duterte “confesses” that he assaulted his servant when he was a teenager

Proving Duterte, “confesses” to his servant as the president of adolescence Rodrigo Duterte, the details of the alleged incident before a large crowd in the city of Kidapawan, attacking the Catholic Church for his “abuse “, 10.05 in the morning, 30 December 2018, published. Update 9:30 ‘ confession ‘. In a speech in the city of Kidapawan, Cotabato, on 29 December 2018, President Rodrigo Duterte told the public that he had assaulted his family daughter as a teenager. Presidential photo get through the remarks of President Rodrigo Duterte is nothing new to the Filipinos, but the Filipino chief probably broke his own crash knife when he admitted in a public address that he was harassing the maid of his Family when I was a teenager. Duterte made the revelation to a large crowd at provincial high school in the city of Kidapawan, Cotabato, on Saturday, December 29, when repressed the Catholic Church to criticize it and its policies when it was not exactly without flaw. The president spoke of the new popular Army before jumping to his other current favorite subject of the attack, the Catholic Church. After chasing the fictitious father Damaso in Noli me tangere by José Rizal and the American priest detained in Bilira for ill-treatment of women and children, Duterte blessed his “confession” to a priest when he was a hairdresser at the Ateneo. Davao. Duterte said he came for the first time, then the impatient pastor said: “I went to the maid’s room. When the pastor asked why, the teenager said Duterte, “I raised the roof… ” I tried to touch what was in my pants… I was playing. He woke up so I left the room. “Then he says he went to the bathroom for the usual “. Duterte then told the pastor that he returned to the maid and “I tried to put my finger on.” Interrogated by the priest, Duterte responded that the maid “closed her eyes, fell asleep quickly all the time. ” And then she said she went back to the bathroom for a second round of the usual . The confession ended with the priest Reprendiéndole: “Oh My God, let’s say 5 our parents, 5 Hail Mary, because you go to hell. ” In the infidels of his confession, Duterte said to the public: “Totoo Man (that’s really true)!… It’s true. “Then he returned to the alleged abuses of Catholic priests: ” Kaya’jeune AH abusive, the “Yung Katoliko has a very busy thing. So she has to fix it before she can call [me]-“Pag Hindi “, Kalan Talaga Nila AKO. And I’m going to keep predictably. “(Therefore, address these grievances slowly. The Catholic Church has a very busy thing. So he has to correct before he can call [me]-otherwise he will really be his enemy. And I’m going to keep predictably.) Duterte also claimed that “Pope Leo XIV ” begat The Spanish-Italian noble Lucrezia Borgia. He was the illegitimate daughter of Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, who later became Pope Alexander VI, and his mistress, Vannozza dei Cattanei. In the same speech, the president’s rant not only ended with the Catholic Church, but spread to the Holy Trinity and Jesus Christ himself. He rejected the Holy Trinity as “stupid ” and “unimpressive” Jesus when he chose to die on the cross instead of abandoning all his enemies. The President made the observation one day after the social Meteorological Stations (SWS) released his latest results from the survey, which Duterte delights in December in a “very good ” + 60 net satisfaction, higher than his note in September. Will Malacañang reject the president’s confession, which included harassing someone hired by his family, as another great story to entertain his audience? (read: Not just a joke: the social cost of the observations of Duterte’s rape)-with a report by Mara Cepeda/Remember. Editor COM: We have already reported that Lucrezia Borgia’s father, Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, later became Pope Alexander XIV. He took the name of Pope Alexander VI. We’ve corrected it. Inside the track is the intelligence to remember in people, events, places and everything that is of public interest. This is a beginning of Newsbreak within Track. Posts are