Doctor delivers a baby in CAUL and looks his wiggle around like when in the woman for 7 minutes

Multiple Video of a triplet to be born in Doctor CAUL delivers a baby in CAUL and looks at it wiggling around as if in utero for 7 minutes October 13, 2018 first publication: September 11, 2018 13.8 K triplet births are rare to start with Per Or even more rare are the births “en CAUL ” When a baby is born with a fruit bladder at the rhythm. We have seen births like this before, where doctors deliver the baby inside, which seems like there is no better comparison-a case of clear rubber, then they usually pop the pouch and the baby is entirely born. During a recent generation of section C, Dr. Rodrigo da Rosa Filho did not deliver one but two of the babies in CAUL, but instead of opening the bag immediately, the third baby, a girl, watched Wade for seven minutes-and gave us the best possible see what the B Ebés seem to be in the womb.
“Ayer dimos a luz a los trillizos! Y Joaquim nació velado (si el agua/saco no se rompió). Estábamos contentos, “Lee una traducción de la publicación del doctor en Instagram.” Pero luego vino Adeline.. También nació en CAUL y todos admiramos cómo dormía bien. Nos alojamos (de esa manera) durante siete minutos y la vimos comportarse como si estuviera todavía en su estómago. Es la magia de la vida. Padres