Sandra Bullock Bird Box has been seen by 45 million accounts in the first 7 days

— Princess (@GabLikesGlitter) December 26, 2018 I am doomed by #BirdBox Tina (@tipsytinaa) December 25, 2018 another shared a moment of the film, writing, «Afraid even to see Bird Box again!! But I love it. The All-Star casting also includes Sarah Paulson, who plays Bullock’s sister, John Malkovich dangerous Liaisons and in the line of […]

Top 10 times: Death penalty will be arrested for rape of children

1.18 crude 2018 with 2019 in US, would be a good time to spend the year, which has gone through-a year many «Primistes «, «first time » and the first eternity. With new beginnings and initiations in politics, business, Cinema, sport, science and other news-in India and around the world-choose our 18 exceptional moments. (Write […]

Amos Oz, «Israel’s greatest writer » who works for peace, dies in 79

A photo of the Israeli writer Amos Oz at his home in Tel Aviv since November 2015. Oz was nominated for the Booker Man International Award for his novel «Judas » (Courtesy of Dan Balilty/AP) on Thursday, April 20, 2017. Prominent Israeli author Amos Oz died on Friday after a brief battle against cancer, his […]

Ranieri Beaudry Mitrovic: Advancing, there will be goals

Maneder Fulama Claudio Ranieri has full confidence in the Serbian national team Aleksandar Mitrovic. Z.K. 14:35-o 22:45 Tweet Split photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images Bivi players Partizan, Anderlete and Newcastle scored seven dolls in the Premier League, but did not dare to get the news involved in the meeting with Wolverhampton (0:0). He had gone […]

The interview of Tramp and Erdogan that changed everything in Syria

When US president Donald Trump called the Turkish counterpart Redepa Erdogan, he asked if they could «get rid of» identification if the United States withdrew its army. Source: Tanjug 23:04 share Tweet Photo: Tanjug/AP The agency says the conversation is 14. It must be routine, «standard warning » to Erdogan in his plan to invade […]