The best for the end: Djokovic to the title as in the most glorious days of the video

1480/5000 Novak Djokovic won the Mubadal exhibition tournament and has shown above all that he is ready for next season. LN Source: B92 Saturday, 29.12.2018. 20:30-> 22:21 share photo Tweet by Francois Nell/Getty images * Novak: I’m a little exhausted, I didn’t expect this * a clear message before the season-Djokovic «Maina » Again!In almost […]

Kramp Karenbauer more popular than Merkel

BERLIN–The new leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Anegret Kramp-Karenbauer in 2019. The year is more popular than German chancellor Angela Merkel. 42 Tweet Divide shares the actions of EFE/Focke Strangmann of the EPO, which showed a public opinion poll conducted by the Institute «Emnid » for the weekly «Bild am Sontag «. The […]

The man would want another yacht: the newly discovered Queen’s note

There are no railway connections between the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom. Photo/Getty Other actions in Reddit Reddit a recently discovered note in the British National Archives shows that Queen Elizabeth II let government officials know that she would welcome a replacement for the Royal Britannia Yacht once Closed. Note 1995 is unusual because […]

The word law changes in 2019 includes new rules for advancing cyclists

The changes made to the word rules introduced during the 2018 affect the way we drive on the road and how we keep our vehicles. Drivers are responsible for keeping up with the law and changing the road traffic law. And as technology is constantly advancing, the rules for cars and road transport have to […]