¿Por qué Orban se avergüenza del símbolo del levantamiento Húngaro?

Un monumento a Imrea, el primer Húngaro, que es 1956. Atrévase a desafiar a Moscú y al que recibió un disparo, fue retirado de la plaza junto al Parlamento en Budapest. Fuente: Deutsche Welle 17:09 Tweet Division por EPA-EFE/Florian Wieser parece que Orban no está enojado con la cabeza del Kremlin Pío «Deutsche Welle». Imre […]

Ronaldo heads to Dubai for global Sooker Award

The striker of Juventus Crignano Ronaldo confirmed that he will be performing in Dubai for the award ceremony «Global Adesh » for the player of the year. Z.K. Source: B92 13:10-o 13:31 photo Tweet sharing by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images Krignano will be one of the leading candidates for the flattering title, and its competitors […]

On the hunt: the NZ police wanted more this summer

Share in Reddit Reddit every day in New Zealand there are a number of people looking for the police. they could be searched for suspicion of a crime, bail or parole, not to appear in court or evade the National Guard. Today we show the 16 authors listed on the police site «I wanted to […]