Linea Electric KUtility could face murder charges in wildfire, says AG-CNN

CNN’s greater public utility in California could face accusations of murder or involuntary homicide if it is responsible for the cause of the state’s recent deadly wildfires, according to the attorney General. Pacific Gas & Electric Co., or PG & E, could potentially deal with a number of crimes if one of the wildfires erupted […]

Usher divorce Files of estranged Femme Grace Miguel

Exclusive Details Usher has officially filed the divorce of his independent wife, Grace Miguel, who shared publicly to share earlier this year. The singer «Let It Burn » presented a documentary in Atlanta on Friday to call It «quit.» The movement is far from surprising… He was back in March on the heels of several […]

Is the flight delayed? Do you know your compensation rights? Wiring

It’s this time of year. Yes, it will feel good to be home, to cool, to fill, to fall asleep on the couch. But uncle, it’s going to be horrible. This is because 24 million people will be traveling on American Airlines during the Thanksgiving period (6 percent last year), according to the TSA. This […]