Case of court in Russia holiday case Troll relates to selfie nude CNNPolitics

CNN A Russian company said Thursday to a federal court that believes that among the terabytes of data collected by the investigation of Special defender Robert Mueller is a naked selfie.
The management and restoration of Concord without giving details of the people represented in the Nu selfie raises the question of whether there could be national security problems associated with such exploitation. “The way he picked up a naked selfie really jeopardizes the national security of the United States,” demand Concord lawyers in the depot. The Concord Thursday depot comes amid a prolonged battle in which Russian society is trying to access what the Justice Ministry in the case calls “sensitive” evidence that involves powerful aliens with secret security problems National and American Research. The company contradicts Mueller’s request to share classified information with the judge who is kept secret and protected from the standpoint of Concord lawyers. Lee more Concord argues that the special Council has a “believe make-up case ” and says its opposition is “probably sterile ” but “the object we need for concord and any other defendant in which the Special Council believes the laws and rules of The United States does not prolong the application to its new adventures. “Recently, Concord asked the judge to allow him to share information from American investigators in the criminal case against Russian social networks Bemata with a prominent Russian oligarch and others who committed the alleged crime.” So far, the judge has blocked as “sensitive” evidence in the case because prosecutors are afraid to disclose the details of their ongoing research and investigative tactics. The company says it must share the evidence, which consists of terabytes of data that show a Russian operation to spread political propaganda through social networks, to manipulate American voters to prepare for the trial. One of the bosses of the company is also charged in the case, but not appear before the United States court to initiate an allegation. Concord was specifically invited to share the material with him, Yevgenie Prigozhin, sometimes called the head of Putin. The company also asked to show some of the evidence to the people who wrote it because it is written in Russian, and they say that Russian is a very complicated language that would be better translated by the people who wrote the words. Concord pleaded not guilty to a charge of conspiracy related to the social networking system. Thirteen other people and two other companies are also accused in the alleged crime. Mueller responded to Concord’s request, made on December 21, saying that to make his case, they would like to present classified secret documents, held to the judge who is kept secret and protected from Concord lawyers. They are especially resistant to Prigozhin for seeing the discovery. The Concord lawyers and the Office of the Special Consultative Council did not respond immediately to an observation.