Linea Electric KUtility could face murder charges in wildfire, says AG-CNN

CNN’s greater public utility in California could face accusations of murder or involuntary homicide if it is responsible for the cause of the state’s recent deadly wildfires, according to the attorney General.
Pacific Gas & Electric Co., or PG & E, could potentially deal with a number of crimes if one of the wildfires erupted as a result of the utility of not serving properly and maintaining the power lines, according to an amicus letter before Court D E District of the United States on Friday California presented to Attorney General Xavier Becerra. PG & E, which feeds around 16 million Californian, was investigated to find out how it maintains its infrastructure amidst questions about what caused the campfire–the deadliest and most destructive forest fire in the history of the state. Possible accusations range from minor failures related to vegetation compensation around power lines to fouls or criminal offenses if the fire was started for “murder offenses, such as the Blur and murders Involuntary. “Possible accusations would be subject to investigation into the cause and if PG & E were responsible–for negligence and recklessness of the energy provider. PG & E could be in serious financial trouble if you are responsible for the California Fire Lee more camp. The attorney General’s office has not reached a conclusion about PG & E’s responsibility for recent fires and does not take a position on the subject, according to the short. The letter was filed in response to a request from the U.S. District Court judge, William Alsup, that officials explain what PG & E crimes were able to commit if they were ultimately blamed for wildfires. In response to the court presentation by Becerra, PG & E said he is committed to doing everything possible to reduce the risk to wildfires. “PG & E’s most important responsibility lies in the safety of the public and the workforce.” “We focus on evaluating our infrastructure to improve security and help our customers continue to recover and rebuild,” he said in a statement. Last month, Alsup ordered the company to explain any potential role it could play in the cause of wildfires, including the bonfire that erupted on November 8 that claimed at least 85 lives. Photos: In pictures: Wild fires will rip through California’s Jacob Saylors, 11, on Sunday, November 18, strolling through the cremated remains of his home in California’s paradise. His family lost a house in the same place in a fire 10 years earlier. Hide Picture Title 1 of 102 photos: In pictures: Wildfire fire in California Lidia Steineman, who lost his home in Camp fire, prays during a vigil for fire victims on November 18 at Chico California. More than 50 people gathered for the memorial service. Hide Picture Title 2 of 102 photos: In pictures: Wildfires all over California left, Governor of California-Wahl Gavin Newsom, Governor of California Jerry Brown, President Donald Trump, the mayor of Paradise Jody Jones and the administrator of FEMA Brock’s long damage surveys caused by fire camp in Paradise, California, on Saturday, Nov. 17. The number of bonfire deaths increased to 76 and more than 1200 people remained missing. Hide Picture Title 3 of 102 photos: In pictures: Wildfires in California a child wears a smoke mask while looking at President Trump’s face engine in Chico on November 17. Hide Picture Title 4 of 102 photos: In images: RIP wildfires in California’s fire escapees filtered through donated items in a small parking lot November 17. Hide Picture Title 5 of 102 photos: In pictures: Wildfire RIP over California a group of children holds an American flag as President Donald Trump’s caravan leads to Chico, Calif. on November 17. Hide Effigy 6 of 102 photos: In pictures: RIP wildfires throughout California a firefighter is looking for human remains in a Pararadio trailer park destroyed at Camp Fire on Friday, November 16. Hide Picture Title 7 in 102 photos: En