“showed the true, Albanian great nature of Reima in the Pritina “

The statement by the Prime Minister of Kosovo, RAA Haradinaj, and the representative of the Republic of Albania on the abolition of border crossings show the true and generous nature of the river at the post office. Source: Tanjug 09:30 Tweet partition Photo: Tanjug/Dimitrija Goll, the director of the Serbian office of Kosovo and Metohija […]

“The sensor went to three of us “, and they were looking for my video

The singer of Eppao Nataa Tasic Kneević has published on Facebook that a supermarket in Novi Sad had been publicly looking for suspicions that Neto had stolen. Source: Beta 09:07-o 11: Macedbased 35 tweet sharing illustration: Thinkstock She said in the video that she was buying from Indian Walnut in a supermarket near the station […]

The man would want another yacht: the newly discovered Queen’s note

There are no railway connections between the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom. Photo/Getty Other actions in Reddit Reddit a recently discovered note in the British National Archives shows that Queen Elizabeth II let government officials know that she would welcome a replacement for the Royal Britannia Yacht once Closed. Note 1995 is unusual because […]

Kecmanovic and YOROVIIC in the main round of Rebu Bribejna and Enena

MIOMIR Kecmanovic and Ivana Jorovic have jumped the recent obstacles in qualifying matches in Brisbane and Enena. Z.K. the Source: B92 09:59 Tweet partition photo of Adam Pretty/Getty images Kecmanovic in the coming days will be around the cup in the Bribbane tournament, which has a price of 589.680. MIOMIR was better than the 77 […]

Port ORIC levanta Zadar

Croatian Coko Luka ORIC is the new ABA player of the Zadar League. LN Source: B92 Saturday, 29.12.2018. 20:02-> 23:43 Tweet Share Photo: STARSPORT 35 5 years old ORIC has arranged a collaboration until the end of the season, and in Zadar for the first time in his career, although he has since played for […]

Vucic in aps

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who was invited to study B, also spoke about culture in Belgrade, New Year lights and GSP. Source: Tanjug 53 Tweet Share Photo: Tanjug/Rade. Lee JO: Vučić on the dialogue between the protest that is needed, but I lost confidence in the press “Vucic discovered what he would discuss with Putin […]

On the hunt: the NZ police wanted more this summer

Share in Reddit Reddit every day in New Zealand there are a number of people looking for the police. they could be searched for suspicion of a crime, bail or parole, not to appear in court or evade the National Guard. Today we show the 16 authors listed on the police site “I wanted to […]

A solution adapted to the global problem of plastic waste

Singapore: Imagine There is a way to turn plastic waste that ends up in the oceans and dumped into a saving material, for example, to make cheap fireproof jackets for all people. It is not difficult to do-at least, no more-for a team of researchers in Singapore who dream of reducing environmental waste and sharing […]

Duterte “confesses” that he assaulted his servant when he was a teenager

Proving Duterte, “confesses” to his servant as the president of adolescence Rodrigo Duterte, the details of the alleged incident before a large crowd in the city of Kidapawan, attacking the Catholic Church for his “abuse “, 10.05 in the morning, 30 December 2018, published. Update 9:30 ‘ confession ‘. In a speech in the city […]